iced coffee...

A few days ago, i was feeling in the mood for some iced coffee, it's relatively easy to make, although not quite as easy as "just-make-coffee-and-throw-it-in-the-fridge." Having a handsome barista as a husband helps for times when these cravings come. For any of you who want to save a few bucks and enjoy a diy iced coffee - look below:

- brew coffee double strength(i used a french press, but a normal coffee maker works just fine) : twice as much beans as normal, same amount of water.
- if you take sugar, mix it in while the coffee is hot, you will have trouble getting it to dissolve once it's cold.
- put coffee in a glass, and add ice cubes (which will melt - adding the water to your coffee you left out when you brewed it double strength).
- let it sit in the fridge (or freezer if you're antsy) until cold.
- add more ice and voila! a lovely chilled drink to enjoy. 

easy, right?


  1. ooooh i just made some iced coffee yesterday! but i made it by mixing 1/2 c of coarse ground coffee with 2 c water (normal temp) and letting it sit over night. then added another cup of water, stirred, strained, put it with ice and yeah! it was really good and not too bitter.
    it is awesome to have the option of not buying iced coffee somewhere because i love it a lot in the warmer months! (:
    love your blog, lady!
    x anna

  2. awesome! i too loved iced coffee in the summer- i hardly ever have it hot! thanks for the comment : )

  3. i have a french press too! so i'm going to try this. i'd been taking the extra drip coffee home after work and putting it in the fridge over night. it tastes ok, but this should taste fresher.

    how many tablespoons (or whatever) of course grounds do you put in your french press per cup of water? not iced, just normal measurements

  4. yay now i can do thiss!
    i always wondered and never actually tried it, thank youu :)

  5. thanks guys!! emily: i usually just estimate it, from experience i know how much i like, but i looked up somewhere online at it says 1 big tablespoon per 5 ounces..


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