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 This photo was taken from the window sill in my parent's house (weird to say - my house? my parent's house?). Pretty little pretend herbs my mom keeps up - I once tried to water them while they were gone, I felt quite silly.

I am starting to feel overwhelmed with school work, seriously guys, I have SO much to do ALL the time it feels like, and my classes are a lot harder than last semester, so even though I'm working just as hard, I'm not doing as well (something that tends to bother me a lot - I'm somewhat of a perfectionist about my grades) and it's really wearing. 

In lighter news, I've updated my "good reads" page - here are a few new-ish blogs I've been reading lately and liking a lot - hop on over and take a look around :


alright, I'm off to meet a study group for paralegal (2-day test starting tomorrow - argh), then work overnight, gym in the morning, study more, class, study more, study more. wish me luck!


  1. I completely understand how you feel, being bogged down with homework. As a nursing student and a perfectionist, I have felt that way for almost 4 years now. Chin up, friend, it will soon be over! Know that you are in my prayers and that He has the strength to get you through!

  2. Hey lady! Thank so much for the feature, your blog is really great. :)

  3. missy - thanks for the prayers, I appreciate that a lot, so sweet of you!
    hillary - thanks so much and i enjoy yours quite a lot too - keep it up!


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