the other day i wondered out loud to michael if there are any wedding photographers that shoot only in film any more....and then i found this! not quite a wedding shoot (it's a bridal) but all done in film - and gorgeous!

i just got off the overnight shift and am sitting in Starbucks for a bit before i head to class at 9. then i'm back to work after class at 3:30 - it almost feels like I live there sometimes...but only sometimes. this coming up week is crazy full of homework, definitely crunch time as there is only about 2 weeks left and all this to do:

- F/M transportation evaluation group paper for Environmental Sociology (and final exam)
- Food Stamps/Social Security paralegal final exam
- "What it means to be a leftist in the 21st Century" speech summary paper for African American Humanities (and final exam)
- Social Work Communities final exam
- Organizational Analysis and Mini Proposal group papers
- Growth Group analysis/summary 15 page paper

UF i know (for those of you that actually read all of that - not sure I would have ha).

but....summer's coming!


  1. I wish photography places still use film. I've had most of my training using black and white film photography, and comparing those images to the ones we've made with the digital camera are so much better. That's why when I graduate I'm going to try and find a hybrid studio that shoots with both. Good luck with all of your homework. Summer is almost here!

  2. that's so awesome - way to do what you love. and thank you for the well wishes!


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