this past Easter week///////

waffles/breakfast by the husband
 new green life /in our backyard
 my favorite face in the world /Michael
 loads of refresh tea /Starbucks
 cut-out knickers /sleepwear
 our new house plant / African Violet
wonderful floral tapestry shoes / a local thrift store

This Easter Michael's family is coming to visit us and my family. My family lives only 30 minutes away from our home in Fargo, but Michael's lives about 4 hours away (Eagan MN), so we don't get to see them nearly as much. This holiday his parents and 2 of his 3 siblings are coming up this way to spend today and tomorrow with us and my whole family! Kind of unusual I know, but really great. It's nice not to have to pick which side you are going to go to, and we get to see all the people we love the most around one big table! It doesn't get much better than that.

To Jesus:
Thank you for dying for my sins and allowing me know you through prayer and your word. Because of you I can talk to our Father in heaven and know Him. I can know what it's like to be a child of God, to be in a relationship with my creator and lover. Thank you for enduring the worst possible death and loving me more then I could ever imagine or fathom. Would you always keep my heart soft and tender to your will and your desire for my life.  Use me to impact others for your kingdom. I just want to love and serve you more.


  1. Your blog is always an inspiration to me. I read it daily, knowing it will always be a bit of sunshine! Know that God is using you all the way down here in Oklahoma!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment! That made my day!
    I can't hardly believe that you found such wonderful shoes in a thrift store! Where I live thrift stores are more shabby and not well sorted in their choice of clothes. Lucky you, they are a real treasure!


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