procrastination is through the roof.
i have so many pages to write, so after getting home from my sisters dance recital (and ice cream with the family after wards) i thought...i should start my homework.

but first i checked facebook.
then i made some coffee.
then decided what music i should listen to.
now i'm blogging about how i am not starting my homework.


here's some stuff that is plain ole pretty (click photo for it's source):


  1. that head piece is gorgeous... and i'm dying over that tattoo. i just might have to do something similar!

  2. Pinterest is NOT the place to be when you have stuff to get done! haha. That place is a.ddict.ing.

  3. girl, you should take some more film photos of your cute apartment. i know they'd be super cute.

  4. kari - I know! ugh but it's so fun!
    kelsie - that's a good idea! i think i'll do it : )

  5. WHERE IS THAT TATTOO FROM!>???? love it!


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