vertical gardens + succulents

I found these gorgeous vertical succulent gardens via mdsmlle. I've been noticing really pretty terrariums and pots featuring unique succulent plants....and I think I want one, or two, or three....

A sweet blogger friend, Hannah, suggested a jade and spider plant - both which are succulents. I found this article on "hard to kill house plants" (aka succulents) and really like some of them (i saw a hen and chicks plant in CA and took a photo of it cause i thought it was so pretty - first one shown below). I think I might go on a plant-adventure after work!
 Hen and Chick
African Violet


  1. this is by far the coolest plant thing i have ever seen.

  2. Lovely pictures! You know, I have a little tiny spider plant baby that I haven't planted yet if you'd like it. It's about 2 or so inches tall right now and would fit easily in an envelope.

  3. if you email me your address i'll put it in the mail asap! whiskeyshores@gmail.com


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