last week I made this smoothie and YUM. 
it was the easiest thing in the world, semi - filling, and healthy!

 1 banana / 4 strawberries
vanilla yogurt / ice cubes


+ i went for a run this morning - which felt good.
+ two nights ago i dreamt about harry potter - i'm flying through the 5th book.
+ the semester is coming to a close quickly, and i have to admit i'm quite looking forward to it, despite the fact i have summer school.
+ our house plant is pretty much dead and i want to get one (or a few) more to liven up our kitchen window sill - any suggestions?
+ michael is going to make breakfast this morning (smiles) and then i'm going to head to B&N to get some reading done before my Government Benefits class - i'm really behind. We're currently studying food stamps and social security, which is super interesting - just tons of work, uf.


  1. I loooooove smoothies. Ben makes them for me. :) Those, along with his air popped popcorn, non-alcoholic margaritas and Asian dishes are his specialty. :)

  2. I love homemade smoothies...delish and nutrish :)

  3. I know how you feel about dying houseplants, luckily mine have decided not to die anymore! I have a jade plant and a spider plant that I just adore, and highly recommend.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Hannah! My sister works at a greenery and I was just talking with her about succulent plants and am hoping to get a few.

  5. Look into succulent plants (like catcuses and such). They only need watering once a week or so, and need lots of sunlight. They are extremely easy to take care of!


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