the bun...

it's the blogger bun as my friend Jo says!

that twist of the hair perching on your head that has resurfaced as no longer a last-minute resort hair-do or a ballerina-only style but a beautiful way to wear your hair (I'm sporting this 'do today). Click each photo for it's source.

Shooting the wedding went good! I'm really tired out but it was lots of fun, not sure I ever really would want to be in the business though...

Happy to have my first 2 finals out of the way - next Tuesday I am home free and then I get to enjoy massages with my friend Josie as a kick-off to summer and a good-bye to the semester! Can't waiiiiiittttt!


  1. yessss! I was wearing a high bun today as well—even though I'm not much of a blogger. ;)
    such pretty pictures!

  2. Good to hear that your shooting went well! New experiences should always be welcome, you never know where they lead you!

    I love this hairdo too, we call it "dutt". There is no better way to wear your hair, simple, romantic, sporty, it fits everything!

    Have a nice weekend!


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