Here are just a few of the 'extras' from my last roll that didn't really fit anywhere....

 little vase // Britta and I on her confirmation day
 a sunny walk to a thrift store
 wedding day shoot
 a good breakfast // Michael lookin' good


Summers' been treating me fairly well. I'm not getting quite as many hours as I'd like and my online summer class is sort of a joke so I've been a little on the bored side. It gets a little lonely sometimes with no school and small group. I know I should be grabbing at this chance to work on projects etc but I just don't seem to be very motivated - lame.

Michael was not able to get his shift off at work so we are not going to be able to have our camping/canoeing trip this next weekend like we'd hoped - sort of a bummer but there will be another time this summer hopefully.

Yesterday I got to see my cousin Savanna and her fiance Jordan who came to do pre-marital counseling with my dad (who is officiating their wedding) and I'm going to help her sister Shannon with the photos that day! Kind of excited ...

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