good morning, folks.
I was just so tired yesterday I went to bed at like 8:30, woke up to read some, and then went back to bed. Talk about being well-rested, that's me.

I had a lovely time with my sis Kari and cousin Erika walking around downtown and browsing through the Old and New Store (50% off everything right now - west of Broadway on 1st Ave N), and enjoying Starbucks' frappachino hour (50% off 3p-5p).

Today holds the last final of my spring semester. I would like to say it's my last final EVER, but it's not quite. I have 2 summer classes to do still, then I will intern in the fall with Catholic Charities adoption programs, and THEN graduate! So I'm very close.

Here is the promised peak into our little apartment. We live in the 2nd floor of an old house made into 6 apartment units - I am still so pleased with our little home!

 living room - that couch was a garage sale find, and I love it (Michael isn't quite as fond though...)
 our living room shelf on top of the radiator - books / teacups
 the yellow house is ours!
 kitchen mirror
 living room wall
 Michael's record player + vintage finds
 kitchen shelf (yes we really store food in the tins)
 our room - having a canopy was one of the things I wanted most
bathroom - absolutely tiny (I think I was in the tub to take this photo)


  1. you apartment is dreamy! I love your couch and bedroom canopy, i'd love a canopy but don't know how i'd make it work.

  2. thank you Hannah! We bought the canopy online so it was really easy to assemble and there are so many different types you can order or make yourself from tulle!


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