happy mother's day.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, because she is the best mom I could have ever asked for and I feel so lucky to have been raised by her and taught by her. I'm so thankful for all the hours and love she has put into staying at home with my sisters and brothers and I, homeschooling us and allowing us the privilege of growing up in our home instead of daycare (not that all daycare is bad). I know that both she and my dad made lots of sacrifices for that to happen, and it has profoundly impacted the culture of our family and I believe, our relationships with God too.

Happy Mother's Day to my husband's mother, because she did such a good job of raising the man I get to have for my own, and the future father of my children. I'm thankful for the love and care she gave him, and in turn, to me. 

Being a mom is one of the things I am most excited about it life, more then any career ambitions or travel plans, I am excited to be a mom. I can't wait for that season of life, whenever God has that planned out for us : ) We want to have lots of little kiddies running around, we want to adopt, and we want to home school. Because all of those things are awesome, and I believe, a calling from God.

This day also makes me think of all of those who do not have mothers. For those orphans who have no mama and papa. I am so thankful for God our Father and His promises to be a father to the fatherless and a helper to the helpless. I pray His spirit would comfort and keep those children who have no mother to hold them in her arms, like every child deserves. I pray He would stir the hearts of His church to open their homes and arms to these children who are in such need.

Happy Mother's Day, moms.

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