Have you ever seen anything like this before?? I sure haven't! yes, that is a plant around your NECK...not sure what I think of it, and pretty sure I wouldn't actually wear it - but still something in me says ... cool.


today is BEAUTIFUL. sunny & warm. last day of classes and now into finals week! it's almost all done...and then summer school ha.

mother's day is coming up - don't forget ; ) we're gonna go home for a family lunch and then see the play my sister Sophie is in.

so, i feel like i've hit a blog block - what kind of stuff do you lovely readers like to see here? What would you like more of/less of? I dearly appreciate all of you who check in and follow This Earthly Tent...a friend told me once that it always feels "warm and cozy" when she visits, that makes me really happy - it's exactly the feeling I hope to create in my little corner of the interweb.


  1. Whhhaaat? plants around the neck? hah. I never would have thought of something like that. My grandma used to have this necklace with a mustard seed in a glass ball with a gold bow on the top, for some reason this reminds me of these.

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog. don't worry about what to post, just follow your heart. I will always love what you do. :)

  3. Your blog is my favorite of all other blogs that I read. I always feel so encouraged by what you have to say. I love when you're vulnerable and honest about how you feel or what God is teaching you lately. I also love the variety of posts that you do. Its never the same old same old. :)

  4. that is one of the most clever necklace ideas i've ever seen! i must make one now! how adorable and sweet and green! haha :) lovely blog!



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