interior love.

I first spotted this on Day Dream Lily and just gaped at the last photo. Absolutely love this aesthetic and the use of large ivy indoors! So pretty. By Debi Treloar.

I can't wait to have a beautiful old home with wood floors and big windows that I can fill with lots of pretty old things....and I'm thankful to have an old little apartment with wood floors and lots of windows right now that I can decorate (film photos of my living space coming tomorrow).

I have a final today and one tomorrow and then it's freeee as the wind ... until summer classes start. I'm excited to embrace this lovely season. I don't know about you but my summer is so busy already, 9 weddings and vacations...almost every single weekend is filled. And it's only May. Oh well, I'm excited for it all.

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  1. So dreamy! I love indoor plants and natural light!


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