left alone.

While in South Dakota this past weekend we stopped by an old family house that was abandoned and the house and barn are basically falling apart, left to ruin. We wandered around and I got a few photos. The ring was my great Aunt Evelyn's that I got when we were going through her belongings, I love it.

Today I'm meeting up with my sister for coffee, editing a bunch of photos I'm behind on, running errands, working on new items to put in my cousin's shop, possibly making new business cards, going to Chi Alpha, and then night bike ride with friends!


  1. Wow,You are a busy bee today :) I love wandering through abandoned houses, probably not the safest thing in many cases, but so neat. That is really cool you found something of your Aunts.

  2. Wow how interesting. I don't think I have ever been inside an abandoned house before but I can imagine that it would be a bit of strange experience. Did it feel kind of eerie?

  3. I love these...all of those papers, books, belongings. Once, having a history and use. I would love to rummage through something like that..


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