My first summer class started yesterday, I am taking 2 summer classes but am anticipating they won't be taking up too much of my time so I will still have 'summer break.' The weather has been oh-so-lovely, yesterday we spent a few hours in the park. We had a picnic and read. Today we're gonna go for a bike/long board ride before work. The sun is just loving me as I have lobster legs.

Tonight is the first week of summer Chi Alpha and I'm really excited. It's always a big encouragment and good time to worship Jesus (if you're nearby you should come! First Assembly church on south 25th St, about one block south of 32nd Ave - 7:30pm).

This coming year has some big things in store for us, namely we both will be graduating college (me in December, Michael in May). This time of life is so exciting, it seems like the world is before us and we have so many options to choose from. We have decided that we want to take some time to have adventures and travel together before we start looking for "big people" jobs or move and start "settling down" whatever that means.

So after we both are done with school we are going to go and live overseas somewhere! We don't know where yet or what we will be doing, but we want to go somewhere. There are lots of programs and awesome opportunities, like teaching English, bible schools, mission intern programs, volunteering, or just backpacking/traveling. We just want to go somewhere and have a big adventure, while loving on people and serving Jesus. The best. I also know that our plans aren't always God's plans, so we could end up doing something totally different, but whatever He has for us, I know it will be the best. It's exciting to think about where He might take us with Him ...

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  1. Exciting thoughts! God is really great at making plans for us - I'm excited to see where His adventure leads you!


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