ohmygoodness I am photographing a WEDDING tomorrow. ahhhh.

I'm super excited/nervous - it's for one of my classmates in the social work program and it's gonna be at a park : ) I feel really honored she even asked me and I'm sure I will learn a lot (and hopefully take some semi-decent pictures as well ha). Michael is going to help out too and borrow my sister's camera, which will be good to have a second camera/set of eyes around. I really want to use some film during the day too..

I also have 2 finals tomorrow so I am going to be running around with my head cut off... tons of studying left to do as well EEK.

and because wedding photography is so much fun and an art in itself, here a photographer whose work I have admired much : Tec Petaja 


  1. You are brave. I have always said that if I get into the photography business, I don't want to do weddings. Too much pressure for me! :)

  2. Wonderful! :) I'm sure you and your husband will do great. Shooting weddings are so much fun. Congrats on this step, this will open some doors for you if you wish to continue with photography. make sure to save some images for your future portfolio. Hope you guys have a great time.


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