our first summer picnic in 35 mm film ::: Island Park

our quilt
my man's tattoo / I'm "her" *butterflies*
best. man. ever.
bird's nest
 homemade : iced coffee in a jar / trail mix
 SUN / fruit

ain't nothin' quite like these first days of summer when every day feels like the greatest day of your life because you can wear shorts and your skin is a different color other then white for the first time in what feels like years (even if that color is red) and you can see green things everywhere and you can lay outside and you can open all the windows in your house and feel the breeze and you can ride your bike and sit on the coffee shop's patio and have picnics and stop at garage sales and read in the park...

(can you tell I'm excited?)


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday I wore shorts for the first time this year!

  2. oh I am so excited for the warmth. I was working today and looked out the window. All I saw was green, so happy.

  3. im so happy it finally got warm there. its been raining in boston for a week or more. like downpour everyday all the time. UGH. your picnic is way cute.


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