This week we had our last week of small group. Michael and I were blessed to be a part of a young married couple small group and this week a older couple came in and had some supper with us and shared. they just rocked the house. After 57 years of being married, they shared some of their ups and downs, and what has got them through. It's all about Jesus. Without Him you're so so so lost, in life and in marriage. They encouraged us to focus on serving others and being an imitator of Christ, the servant of all. They emphasized how important it is to love your family before any other humans, and to never neglect them for any reason. Place the Lord as the center of your life and your family, and everything else will fall into place. They laughed with joy and shed tears, their spirits radiated God's love and a wholeness that just seeped from their hearts. Walking out I said to Michael, I want to be like that when I'm old, serving the Lord and filled with His fullness of joy. 

Tomorrow is my parent's 28th anniversary. I look up to them so much as examples of a couple who loves and serves each other every day. They are so good to one another and because of their love and faithfulness God has really blessed our family and I believe, my future family. In this world we live, where there are almost more divorced and separated families out there then whole ones, it is such an amazing gift and legacy to pass on to your children - loyalty.

Thank you mom and dad for falling in love and saying 'I do' 28 years ago. Thank you for saying Yes to following Jesus and serving Him all of your days. Thank you for teaching me about how much I am loved and how much Jesus did for me. Thank you for never walking away from each other, even in the hard times. Thank you so much for promising never to leave, and never leaving. Thank you for staying true and showing me what that looks like. Thank you for showing me what it means to truly love and be loved. Thank you for adopting my brothers and conceiving my sisters : ) Thank you for guiding and teaching me in the way I should go, the Lord's way. Words can't describe what you mean to me....


  1. My parents celebrated their anniversary this last month too. 29 years they have been together and it still amazes me. They too have their ups and downs. It always makes me smile when I can still seem them laughing together, and stealing loving glances between one another.
    I'm blessed to have them as role models, and hope to one day be as lucky as they have been in love. :)

  2. thanks Danae for your kind words.. It has been a joyous thing to be married to your Mom these 28 years!


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