What I'm looking forward to this summer :

1. Weddings! We are going to 9 over this summer - it seems like one almost every weekend, but I'm excited to see so many awesome people getting hitched.

2. Camping! We are hoping to go at least twice (hopefully more), once with my parents and sibs to the North Shore and once with our couple small group somewhere close by, maybe Maplewood? Camping is always so much fun, lots of good childhood memories happened during family camping trips...

3. North Carolina holiday! Michael's parents are graciously paying for us to come along on the Moran family vacation to a beach condo near Wellington, NC in August right before school/internship starts up again. It'll be fun to be on a trip with his parents and sibs and get some major sun time!

4. Being able to invest more into This Earthly Tent handmade and vintage shop! I'm excited to possibly participate in more craft shows, whip out a bunch of new items and update my Etsy shop - I'll sure be sure to post happenings. Yay for free time!

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I hope you are excited for this summer - there isn't anything quite like this time of year, and I do feel that living in this area of the country (aka winter tundra/voted worst weather city in the U.S.) gives you a whole new appreciation for sunny and hot days.


  1. I agree with appreciating the weather! Every time a new season comes, I get all giddy with anticipation. :)

    That camping area looks awesome. Love love love camping.

    You'll have to let me know how NC is. We're talking about taking a trip after Ben finally graduates next May, and our top two choices so far are NC and SC, and then Portland and Seattle.

  2. I love going to weddings! That's awesome. I also want to go camping really badly.


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