As is typical, more misc. film photos from my most recent roll....

 a new jade plant - from Michael's mom, originally grafted from her mom's plant

simba - my family's kitty

family barn

my momma's pretty garden

flowers in fargo - prettiest time

lilac bush outside our apartment - they remind me of my mom and grandma


hope you've been enjoying summer - it's been beastly hot, but then again after winter, we shouldn't be complaining. last night we had a grill-out with some friends and then a massive night game of ditch through out the city of Moorhead - it was intensely fun. tonight is summer chi alpha - and it's always refreshing. Jesus is just so good.


  1. Uh, I love your family barn! So wonderful & old-looking! And your new jade plant is stunning - I am trying to raise one too from another mothers plant, but mine is still tiny! Hope you enjoyed last night!

  2. Thanks friends, mdmslle - i did enjoy it much, good luck with your jade plant!


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