Can I just say Andrew + Carissa are one of the cutest blogging/artist couples I've seen? Loved this photos of theirs....

After a stop at Starbucks to visit Michael (he works there) and some serious homework-doing we will be off to South Dakota! Oh, did I mention we got a new car?! Well, new to us. It's a manual 1996 Honda Civic with 137,000 miles on it - we've been having lots of fun - I'm still a little scared of driving it around town yet (just learning to drive a manual). We were so thankful for getting a car we wanted for a really good price, God sure is good to us, even if it's a little thing.


  1. This is too cute and I love their adopt Rinah initiative. They are a couple with hearts of gold.

  2. gurl! we just got a 97 mazda protege and its manual and i had to learn stick in boston! hahahahaha i looked like an idiot at ever street light for a while. but im getting better!


  3. Uh, manual is not that difficult! In Germany automatic cars are excotics! Hope you had a great trip & enjoy your car!


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