A few weeks ago Michael and I spent a day in Taylors Falls canoeing a stretch of the St. Croix river, hiking, having a picnic, enjoying lots of sun and getting some yummy cold treats in pretty places.
Days like these together are treasures.
Here are my film photos from the day::

Had a good day today.

God's faithfulness was shown to be so profound again, 
and His mercy new every morning, this morning.
Prayer is such a blessing and it's so good to have prayer with family.
How great is our Jesus' love for us, that He would give us new birth and a new life. 
Another chance.
Life without Him is no life at all.


  1. gah, i love to check up on your blog. each time i am inspired by your days and adventures! so thanks for documenting/sharing (: and always am encouraged by your words. love and joy shines from you even through a screen. keep it up!

    x anna

  2. That looks soooo fun! Thanks for your encouraging words at the end :)

  3. Thanks blogger ladies : ) you guys are so encouraging!


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