for my dad.

This is for my dad, he is one of my best friends in the whole world....

Thanks so much for lovin' on mom and bringing me into this world : ) You are one of the best men I have ever met, and I thank you for all the sacrifices you have made over the years for me and my brothers and sisters. You have loved me when I didn't deserve your love, and forgiven me when I have hurt and failed you. You have rejoiced and celebrated with me in my victories and joys, and cried and comforted me in my pains and regrets. Thank you for always always listening when I have been confused and in need of some advice, or just a listening ear. You always gave me the best advice, truly. I know that the wisdom and grace you have shared with me have come from the time you've spent with your heavenly Father.

Thank you most of all for leading me to Jesus and allowing me to see how much loving and following Him is worth my whole life, through the way you have loved your Lord, your wife/my mom, and your family. You helped me learn to question things and feel deeply. Thank you for making me go to church when I didn't feel like it, bringing me to camp every summer, introducing me to friends and families who serve the Lord, reading bible stories to us, and praying for me. You gave it to me straight when I needed that, pushed me to try new things, and above all, do what is right and pleasing to God.

Thanks for always encouraging me with your words and actions, I never felt like you wished I was anything else but myself. I remember one time when we lived in Texas, I was sweeping the floor and you told me that I was doing a really good job with the chore. It was such a little thing that I'm sure you don't remember, but I do. I remember feeling really proud that my dad thought I was doing a good job. You have always encouraged me in my creative-ness and arts, and still do, even if it's not your exact cup of tea : )

One of the nightmares I have the most is of you dying, I think it's because I dread that day almost more than anything else (and hope it's really far away), and I don't want to think of going through life without you in it, but I know that we will have eternity together, and nothing can beat that, even 100 years on this earth.

You are the best father I could have ever dreamed of, and so so much more.

I love you,


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It makes my heart so happy and gives me vision for future generations! This generation needs a vision for Fatherhood. Your life is evidence of the power of a Father :)

  2. what can I say.... I am honored and humbled by your words Danae. grace and mercy is mine.... Love ya Dad


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