hi there.

We're back! We had a three day holiday for our anniversary and it was lovely. My film camera went on the fritz so I hurriedly bought a disposable....and will share those soon! We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast house in Park Rapids for a day and then went "rustic" camping for two days in Itasca State Park (meaning out in the woods, everything you bring to the site is in your pack on your back, no bathroom/electricity). It was fun and interesting haha.

In other news, I am going to be having a little interview and giveaway over at Kelly Hicks' blog soon, with possible future collaborations to follow, I'll keep you posted but I'm excited about this development for my blog/business!

It's supposed to be the hottest day of the summer today, with the temp getting close to 100, so I'm planning on either going to find some water outside, or chilling inside with our little window air conditioner going full blast.

P.S. here's what my sweet husband gave me for our anniversary! The stone is vermeil aqua chalcedony and it just about glows, I love it.


  1. Nice to hear that you enjoyed your trip and everything went well! And your little new treasure is just wonderful, love its shape!

  2. Love the ring! Your husband has very good taste! I can't wait to see how your film turned out!


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