high waisted style

yes yes high-waisted bottoms are back in style and my mom would laugh because of how much I hated these as a young child...
it works in so many ways : shorts, jeans, trousers, swimsuits, skirts ....

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the past two days were a blast! friday night we saw our friends Greg and Kelly get married in the middle of an apple orchard (awesome) and saturday we spent the day playing outside...canoed down the st. croix river, had a picnic on a cliff, climbed on rocks, got ice cream, and sat in an old house turned coffee shop with a garden like nothin' else. YAH. I took film pics all day so I will share them once the whole developed/scanned thing happens.

My three week long, three hours a day summer class starts tomorrow ... it's my *official* last normal class of my college career. Also my cousin Sabrina asked me to send some more handmade and vintage items her way for her shoppe in SD - it's the cutest little place ever and it's so fun to have a little part of it.

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  1. Nice to hear, that you had such a lovely weekend! Enjoy your last class & don't get to melancholic!


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