My sister and I are planning a summer fitness/weight loss program for us to do together...I'm kind of excited. I know that we're both in pretty good shape and at a healthy weight compared to a lot of people, but we would like to change some of habits and be healthier. I know that for me, to lose a lot would be very unhealthy since I'm already pretty small, but that's not the plan, so no worries. The main goal is just become healthier, stronger, and feel better about myself.

Now, food blogs can sometimes be very bad, or very good for health-kicks. The best food blogs are the ones that have great photography, and present the food in a very aesthetically pleasing way. So maybe some pretty pictures of (mostly) good-for-you foods will make me more inspired to cook (Michael would be raising his eyebrows at that) or just eat them?

And let me tell you, some of these foods from the lovely blog called Sunday Suppers look divine...


  1. Okay, I love these pictures! I haven't been inspired to cook for the past couple weeks! But with pictures like this :) I feel like cooking!! Thanks!

  2. Good idea to change some habits! I am also pretty small & eating mostly vegetarian but sometimes I eat one single piece of fruit in a whole week! So good looking food blogs & some progress posts from you are always welcome! Looking forward!

  3. Thanks friends! Lindsey - you're welcome! this food blog has some amazing-looking stuff! msdmslle - i will try to keep up with some updates posts! thanks!


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