a present + vintage

This afternoon I'm heming up some pretty skirts and a dress I found at a thrift store and garage sale. I've been contemplating adding vintage clothing and accessories to my shop but it seem like a lot of people do that, so I'm still debating. I just love finding treasures and making them wearable, but don't have a need to keep so much for myself, any suggestions? Maybe I'll give it a try and see if anything sells....

In other news, my little sister Britta gave me 2 beautiful succulents for our anniversary, she works at a nursery and saw them and thought of me...I just love them!

P.S. our 1st anniversary is on Sunday! We're going to be staying in Park Rapids at a bed&breakfast for a night, then camping in Itasca for 2 nights. When I say camping I mean like for-real camping. We will park and hike to our spot, so everything we bring we will carry out in packs, there is no bathroom or shower. Just us and the forest. It's going to be intense. Michael loves this sort of thing, and while it's not my ideal vacation I'm excited for the adventure and experience!

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  1. I hope you both will have a great time together!


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