one year.

Today is my 1 year anniversary. Michael and I got married one year ago, were engaged 10 months before that, and started dating 4 months before that. We haven’t been together the longest, we know, but God’s given us an amazing love story and I’m so grateful it’s only the very beginning.

Thank you so much for falling in love with me, and asking me out on that first date, even if I didn’t realize it was one. Thanks for being so upfront and straightforward, never keeping me wondering or guessing what was going on with us. You were everything I had ever wanted and dared to hope for in a man, and I couldn’t imagine someone like you would think I was cool too. Thanks for thinking I was cool.
 Thank you for leading us and drawing me closer to the Lord. You never were angry when I struggled to pray together or know how to grow with you, and look at us now! God has blessed us so much, and I love that you never ever let us to go to bed without praying, even if you’re exhausted. You love Jesus so much, and I know that you will never stop looking for Him and keeping Him at the center of you, and of us.
I’m excited to see you become a father someday. I know how much a dads are important for families, and I know that you love our little kiddies like no ones business. I know that you will pray for them all your life and show them God’s love. I’m so excited for whatever God has for our family.
You treat me so well and serve me unlike anyone else ever has. Thank you for forgiving me and extending God’s grace to me when I have wronged you. Thank you for holding me and comforting me in the painful moments, and not caring that my makeup stained your shirt. You are incredibly patient, a trait I seem to have in short supply often. One of the things I love most about you is how little you hold onto possessions and earthly things. You would be fine giving anything of yours away, and you do not put stock or happiness in money or wealth. You inspire and challenge me to be more heavenly-minded and keep my focus on treasuring up God’s kingdom.
You have helped me heal and grow in so many ways and you’re my number one prayer warrior. I know that someone is always lifting me to the Lord, because you are.
You are such a blast to live with, I have loved our joyful moments together at home and how I can be absolutely ridiculous and you will laugh with me not at me - right? : ) haha. Thank you for being my dreamboat husband. This has been the best year of my life.
your wife,


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  2. this is so sweet :)

    Those pictures are amazing! Your dress is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of mine. I had a lace gown and a birdcage veil too :) Oh, and we drove off in a lime green VW bus too!!

    Congrats on year one, danae :)

  3. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures, beautiful writing! :)God bless you both! Doesn't the first year seem to FLY?! My hubby and I are a year and 1 month married! God does all things well, doesn't He?!

  4. Danae ~ Happy blessed Anniversary to you and Michael. If you have a minute, I wrote you a long 'thought' on the post where you laid out all the Scripture that frames your walk with Christ. My daughter and her husband live in FarGo and I was telling about that in my comment. Check it out when you get a minute. Or maybe you already read it. Not sure. Thanx

  5. I love you so much babe... thanks again for saying all this great stuff:) you are a talented writer, and one who i admire lots. thanks for all the great times!


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