best blog

One of the best blogs I've found is With Lavender and Lace. Kelsie is the beautiful lady behind it and she is a talented and creative soul - I look forward to every post and drool over her film photos! Her style is similar to mine and she is a fellow vintage lover. Her blog inspired me to pick up a film camera and start experimenting a little more with that. I check her blog daily, and have been a follower for quite a while - I know you'll love her too!

All these photos are from her blog and tumblr. She also makes the cutest handmade little books and journals, as well as selling vintage clothing too!

Just got home from our weekend away - it was lovely but it has been so HOT and humid. We've been trying to stay cool but we're not so used to this high-90s stuff. 
Car rides are great for chats and time to just think - we spent some time with Jesus and talked a lot about this upcoming fall and our schedules - we're gonna be superrrrr busy and we want to make sure that we don't over-commit to things and have to time spend together too without having stress meltdowns haha. Prayers would be appreciated - it's hard with so many things going on that need to be done, should be done, and things you just want to do.
Oh, and I'm getting a disposable developed today so I'll have some more film to show soon!


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