film misc.

These film photos are from a disposable camera I've been carrying around this summer, holding quite array of summer activities ...

me in our "backyard" //
 our back-packing camping trip from earlier this summer //
 enjoying the park with the Word, starbucks, and Jane Austen (on the kindle) //

 Michael being goofy // us at a friend's wedding reception near lake Johanna
 enjoying some treats at Minneapolis' Spyhouse Cafe during our weekend away //
night treat of izzy's ice cream with Michael's family //


My good friend Melanie is in town for our friend Julie's wedding tomorrow! I'm excited to see Mel and have her spend the night and catch up - we don't get to see each other often much. AND this might be one of the most exciting weddings of the summer since I've known Julie since high school, so there will be tears shed, and lots of friends there to laugh with. Her and her soon to be husband Aaron are such beautiful people.


  1. Oh, Danae! I live a block away from Spyhouse. I would have loved to run into you there. I have been following This Earthly Tent for about a year now. I love your posts! It's so great to see someone so in love with Christ. You can tell that you yearn to use what the Lord has blessed you with to bring glory to His kingdom. Keep blogging! :)

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  3. HI! I just wanted to let you know that I am a new follower! I love your blog and it is so encouraging to see a young wife who is chasing after Father.

    I wish I could "officially" follow, but the internet where I am is bad and the follow page won't load. :/ As soon as I return stateside I will add my name to your lovely list of followers. :)



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