I really love vintage leather tooled bags - too bad they are usually pretty pricey, but beautiful, no?

click the photos for their listings on Etsy //
p.s. I sold a pair of my vintage shoes! I'm kind of excited about that.
I also went to the dentist today - not such good news.
Exams, cleanings, cavities, wisdom teeth, + no insurance = very bad news.
BUT God is so good and He is a faithful provider - I know he will take care of us!


  1. Woah! Love them all! Such a pity this whole B.A. thing ate up all my money :-( !

  2. thanks! they are so pretty but i'm gonna try to keep an eye out for one at a thrift store or second hand!

  3. I've seen these so many times at Unique and Goodwill. If I come across one I will let you know!

    - Carissa


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