on my mind...

 the shop//
I just added 3 more pairs of shoes to the shop - but am only showing these 2 as the other as been claimed already! Feeling very blessed and am encouraged by how quick the shoes have sold - I hope to continue growing the vintage section of the online shop. Click the photos for the listings.

Watched a history channel documentary on woodstock at work today - although I disagree with much related to the event...ok essentially everything, but history is fascinating, and I gotta say they had some pretty cool threads....

long hair // 
Feels like I've been trying to grow it out forever - but I'm determined! Love this photograph:

the summer fair//
A possible destination for me and the husband later today - there is something very summer and american about the fair - reminds me of growing up. Gotta admit...I kinda want to ride some rides and eat something terribly bad for me.


  1. Really really nice shoes! Great little collection of things :)

  2. I love long, lush hair, I too have been trying to grow mine out! And I agree about the fair - I've been trying to find one close to me to go to, a lot easier said than done :(


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