on young marriage.

Many people give me wide eyes and an "oh wow" when they hear that I'm married. Michael came home from work yesterday and said that a man exclaimed to him when he mentioned his wife, "you have a WIFE?!"

I was 19 when we were engaged and 20 when we were married. We knew we were young, really young, but in love. I knew I didn't want to date "just for fun" and that I wanted to date with the purpose of moving towards marriage. So did Michael. We established this the day we started dating.

We loved everything about each other, we stayed up late talking about our future, our pasts, our faith and passions. We quickly found that we were a match and we knew it. We loved each other's hearts and wanted to get married and commit to one another.We didn't believe it right to live together before we were married, and so moving in and combining everything we had and loved was wonderful, new, and pure.

Getting married during school isn't for everyone, God's love-plan is different for everyone, and all that is important is that you follow His plan for you, instead of thinking that this "one way" is the right way to do things, and those who do it differently than most must be foolish.

Yes, being married young is hard sometimes. Some people look down on us, but that isn't hard, it's easy to shrug it off when you're in love and following God. Yes, you give up time hanging out with friends sometimes. But just like when a child is born, there are time and lifestyle sacrifices that go with it, but the beauty of having your child makes it all worth it. Sometimes we turn down opportunities to stay out late because we haven't spent time together that day, or we decide that getting enough sleep and feeling rested and satisfied the next day is more important. We still have lots of friends and make an effort to hang out with them, both together and separately. Most of them aren't married, and we love them all for being friends with us old married folk.

I think the world we live in likes to have pre-scribed way of doing things - get married after you have "everything together" aka done with school and making good money, and if you do something different it is foolish and you'll probably get divorced. Luckily with Jesus, everything is different. His love is what binds us together, and His love is not of this world. His merciful forgiveness and commitment is not of this world. We cling to His word and what He says about us, not what this world, culture, or others may say.

P.S. marriage is the best relationship you'll ever have, I've never regretted it for a second, and it is FUN.


  1. I can relate to this post on so many levels! I'm a young wife as well, and my husband and I get a lot of the same reactions to being married at our age. When we married we didn't have much money or have it all "together", but we both felt strongly that this was what God wanted for us and that we were ready. Two years later we couldn't be happier! I've been reading (and loving!) your blog for a while now and haven't really said hello yet, but I just had to comment on this post because it made me really happy. I also get a bit passionate about this subject :) Thanks so much for making this post.

  2. this is so beautiful! ♥

    makes me wanna get married!

  3. Amen! I am counting down the days to my wedding day! August 6th is coming quickly! And I will be 21 when I am married. Just a baby! :) But it's definitely what God has planned for my fiancé and I! Happy belated anniversary, Danae!

  4. Beautiful post! My mom got married to my dad when she was twenty, and had me a year later. I'd actually love to get married young someday, but definitely waiting to see what the Lord's plan for my life is. :)

  5. i love this danae! i love your perspective and it's completely obvious how in love you guys are too and how much fun you have:)

  6. I definitely know what that's like! I was 18, my hubby 19 when we got married, and we did it before going to uni or having a house or anything. Still the best decision for us! God knew when was the right time.


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