our anniversary holiday.

I like the word 'holiday' as opposed to vacation.

We went on a 3-day trip for our 1 year anniversary. I love spending time with Michael. He is the absolute best human alive.

My film camera advancing wheel (technical term?) broke, so these are all from a disposable camera (sort of reminiscent of our honeymoon...).

 our pretty room at the Bed & Breakfast house we stayed ... an old 100 year old house in Park Rapids, the inn keeper made us THE best breakfast ever.
 A new skirt + ice cream / reading + coffee 
we went to Itasca State Park and did rustic camping - meaning we parked our car and carried all our gear in packs out to the site, which has no bathroom / running water.
We made pancakes ... the log was our plate
out in the woods
taken a swim ...
washing the dishes ... in the lake with a handful of grass for a scrub brush

hiking ... hours and hours of hiking
at the top of the observation tower
orange mushrooms ... we didn't eat them
oatmeal / fire ... made so many fires
refreshing after so much walking


  1. man, you guys are cute! happy anniversary! thanks for documenting even after camera issues - loves these camping photos (:

    x anna

  2. Looks like fun! You guys are ambitious with the dishes while camping. :) We just throw all our dirty dishes in a bag and throw them in the dishwasher when we get home. haha

  3. These turned out so wonderful!

  4. thanks girls! Kari - we had to wash everything because we brought so little dishes we used everything almost every meal, and had to store all the dishes in our packs to hike to the car at the end of the trip! we also don't have a dishwasher at home so the lake isn't THAT much different haha!

  5. I love you guys!
    You're adorable together. :)

  6. ahhhh that looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy 1 year baby girl! so happy for you guys!

  7. So cute! You look so happy together!!! Congrats!


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