um, treebeds!

OK - I love love love forts / treehouses and these little beds are amazing! 
I want one uber (yes, uber) bad.

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I'm finally home and so ready to just spend time with Michael - it's been too long! But alas, my place of employment says it's time to go to work, so home and Michael must wait til tomorrow morning ... in which there will be 3 hours of a lovely time before Michael is off to his place of employment ... and then I leave, and THEN we are both home... I think. oh the joys of working an hourly wage job. 

p.s. once I reach 150 followers (4 to go!) I will host a giveaway of a summery head piece for all you wonderful readers and supporters!

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  1. I just read your interview on Kelly Hicks' blog. How did I miss this blog? Gorgeous. I just love your style! Can't wait to start following. Also, I see your a fellow starbucks lover....ah a girl after my own heart!!!


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