Woke up this morning to some beautiful light streaming through the window, dancing on the walls. It was a good morning to be alive. My sweet husband left a love note on the table for me, I went for a run, and spent some time with Jesus talking and praying. 

A stop at the thrift store yesterday produced these 2 lovely leather clutches! I posted a while back on how I've been loving these sort of leather tooled bags and I was so excited to find some! And for $1 each too - the best. The larger one's zipper is a little broken, I may try to replace it. Trying to decide if I should keep them or sell them....

I also added these 3 pairs of shoes to the shop - click each photo for the listing!


  1. Wow, those clutches are some of the most gorgeous leather tooled bags I have ever seen! What a find! I love the small light toned one! Just perfect!

  2. I love the first pictures with that beautiful blouse and I agree with Mia, those bags are gorgeous!

  3. Lucky girl, these are so beautiful! I would keep them, but if you decide to sell them, I wouldn't be too disappointed ;-)!


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