yellow pops

Love Calivintage's cute outfits with pops of yellow - so summery!

Our friends Julie and Aaron were married yesterday, it was absolutely gorgeous and yes, I cried. Today we have another wedding which is going to be wonderful too(yes, if it seems I'm always going to a weddings - it is because I am. 9 this summer, whew)! 2 more pairs of shoes sold, so I stopped by a thrift shop and was able to find 2 more, gotta keep on top of it! Hope the summer is going swell for all of you!


  1. Oh goodness, the summer before we got married, we also had 9. Or maybe it was 11. I can't remember. It was a lot though. We're glad most of our friends are now married so we don't have so many to go to. :) We had one in Texas last winter. None this summer at all(!). I know of a few in the future that will be coming up probably within the next year or so, but I do love having my weekends free. :)

  2. danae!! craziness. i saw your blog mentioned from "with lavender and lace". there was a photo of you & the name danae and i'm like... ok i think i just saw this girl at alisa's wedding :) sure enough, it's you! didn't know you blogged! so fun! love your outfit posts & vintage photography. i'll def follow yours! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  3. 9! that's insane! but also soooo much fun! just found you from Kelly Hicks - I looooved your interview and your sweet genuine spirit. it really comes across from your writing.

  4. this is an AWESOME concept!! also, this is my first wedding on saturday! i AM EXCITED <3333


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