Carolina Beach via Mini Diana

Here are a few photos I took on my mini diana film camera during our vacation to Carolina Beach, NC with Michael's family. I finally got 2 rolls developed and scanned, so I'll have to share the rest sometime soon!

thanks for all of your comments below, I loved those photos too (obviously) and was encouraged by your uplifting words! I'm enjoying a day of not so crazy running around, and trying to catch up on rest. Tonight Michael and I have our last wedding of the summer, Michael is a groomsmen and we're excited to celebrate such an amazing event with great friends.


  1. Where do you find such cute suits!? I feel like all I can ever find in cute styles are solid colors!

  2. both are Target brands! one was on the sale rack and the other was a cast-off to the thrift store that couldn't sell, but I love them both!


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