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This week on the shore I'm reading Jane Eyre for the first time, one of my mother's favorite books, I'm pre-disposed to fall in love with it, and with Jane. I love the eloquent language of the book and the way it inspires me to live more deeply, to live in light of eternity, to live full of contentment, and to live as a servant.

I just learned that the author of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, had a sister Emily, author of Wuthering Heights, talk about some family talent.

 I saw the 2011 film version of Jane Eyre and would recommend it. The below images are from the film, find more info on the film and book here.

p.s. our good friends Tom and Camila got engaged yesterday! we are SO happy for them!! Congrats you love birds!

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  1. jane austen and the three bronte sisters are the best! after you read jane eyre i highly suggest you read wide sargasso sea by jean rhys. it was written after jane eyre but serves as a prequel to it and it is an amazing piece of literature.


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