family camping!

Michael and I are currently in a beach condo in North Carolina with his family (!) but these photos are from my family's camping trip in Itasca State Park last week (sans Michael, he was working).

We had a lot of fun, it was our first family trip since Ian joined our family last year, and we make quite the crew all together. I'm so thankful for a loving and Christ-centered family to call my own.

We were at 2 camp sites since there was 8 of us; we went for a bike ride, made lots of food, had camp fires, went into Park Rapids for a morning, and went kayaking. We ended up having to pack up our site in the rain which wasn't so much fun, we were all tired and muddy and wet, but besides that it was a great time!

 Ian (right) and Isaac (left)
 Kari (left) and Sophie (right)
 wildflower bouquet and boggle
 sisters on a bike ride
 camp coffee, we drank sooooo much coffee
 Britta and myself
 Sophie and Britta playin' some cards during the rain
all us kids!

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  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun!:)


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