inspiration//Amy Merrick

Many of you in the blog world know Amy Merrick's work, but some don't, and she is very worthy of notice!

Her floral and styling work steal my heart and inspire me to create something new and appreciate the Lord's creation around me. 

photos by Amy Merrick, view more here:

 beautiful, no?

In present news, we're loving North Carolina and it's beautiful seaside. We have spent most of our time eating good food and enjoying the ocean. We got to go kayaking off the shore this morning and that was absolutely awesome. Tomorrow there is going to be an old battleship tour, some shopping, and garden viewings perhaps.
It has been a lovely trip thus far, we have 3 days left, and then next Monday we start school/internship. I can't believe I only have 4 months left of college. It is weird to be so close to being done with something that has been a part of your life ever since you can remember (school), but I'm excited for whatever the next phase in life will be!


  1. I know exactly what you mean--I am graduating in March and have no idea what happens next! It is overwhelming but exciting. Lovely photos!

  2. I love your blog! I still have three years of college left but I have a feeling it will pass by very quickly :/

  3. Charity, thank you, it is encouraging to have people in that same boat and stage of life as me! Joy- thank you and I appreciate your sweet comments on my posts! The years will go by fast so try to enjoy them (despite all the hard work)!


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