lately ...

...getting on the bandwagon of Mumford & Sons fans... I know I'm late. Better than never though.

 ...liking rings! like seablanket's rings - probably my favorite jewelry to wear

...  admiring pixie hair cuts, like Quincy's

...liking my friend Kari's sweet kitty // and this outfit via the sartorlialist

...admiring this amazing wedding dress (and hair!) //

... mouth watering over Katie's pretty and yummy lime water and her cute style!


  1. Loving the Mumford and sons unique sound! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love Katie's style as well! And that ring is darling.

  3. So glad you found Mumford and Sons! They are really something :)
    This is Hope and I just thought I'd extend an invite to come to the Remedy at Concordia on Monday night at 9pm if you are not busy! Blessings!


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