more Carolina Beach

Hey folks! Here are some more digital images from our vacation! I took a lot of film photos with my Diana Mini so as soon as those get developed and scanned I'll share - which might be a little while since things are picking up and getting so busy!
I adored the sunrises, absolutely.
we rented a kayak for the day and had lots of fun out on the ocean!
an amazing book store/ coffee shop we went to in downtown Wilmington! I had a delicious mocha and bought a used copy of The Scarlet Letter. We want to own something like this someday, except with vintage and handmade goods too!

shopping and lunch date //Michael and his J.R.R Tolkien button he bought from said bookstore


Today was my first day of internship!!!
It went really well and I'm so excited/nervous to learn more! My supervisor is really great and I think we will get along well. ANNNDD I get my own office (what?!).
I feel like such a grown up. 
I will be primarily working with children in foster care who are in need of adopting homes, and families seeking to adopt. It is so different from classes and what I've known the past 4 years but it is exciting to move forward in my learning and development. 
Graduation is just around the corner and life is changing, it is a good time.


  1. Yay for vacations and internships! Did you get to meet Sonja?

  2. Yeah! She is my supervisor actually and super sweet! Do you know her?

  3. Oh nice! Yeah, I met her probably 7 or so years ago? She IS super sweet. :) She'd make a great supervisor!


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