our skin is dark
a sign of the end for now
a new time is beginning
a time of cold winds
and perfect snowfalls

but for now, I will finnish this drink
and fall in love with some words on a page
a world of words waiting for me and moving with me
as I please

and for now, I will cross my feet and look at the white walls
facing me
I will rest and enjoy
beautifully slow music and blank pages

and for now, I will brush the sand off my feet
and climb under the sheet with you
we will laugh a little and smile a little
lost in our created world of secrets

and for now, I will contemplate the next days
and pray for them, and for us
I will pray and ask and thank and plead and praise
for this day was a gift and I will
take hold of what I have been given

for now, I will.

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