I'm getting ready to head out of Fargo for the next week and a half. The next four days I'm going to be camping with my family (parents and sibs). Michael can't come, sad, I know (ugh, work).

We're bringing our huge van, which is pulling a camper for my mom, dad, and little brothers, and our buick, which is pulling a trailer full of luggage, tent for my 3 sisters and I, and bikes enough for all of us (that would be 8). My family reminds me of a circus caravan. I'm pretty sure we're renting 2 spots just for our family. This should be very interesting.

We get back Friday, I scramble to re-shift my clothing around into a different suitcase, go to a wedding, leave after the ceremony for the cities, and fly out the next morning early for North Carolina! Michael and I are spending a week at a condo on Carolina Beach with his parents and sibs ... excited!

Needless to say, I'm packing like a crazy women this morning, cause I have things this afternoon goin' on (including a hair cut - much overdue).

Here is some of the stuff I'm bringing with on my trips//

I'm not exactly sure when my next post will be, could be at least a week, maybe more. I'll have tons to share when I get back though!


  1. I ALWAYS take my Sense and Sensibility book with me when I travel as well :) Have a good trip, and post losts of photos!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I'm sure you'll take lots of lovely photos!

  3. Uh, sounds lovely, Dear! Books are always important on a trip, I am reading that much lately, I haven't for months! Enjoy it!


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