yesterday's reads

Yesterday Michael and I had a little date night - we went to Harry Potter 7 pt.2 (yes, we are fans and have read all the books) and then to Barnes and Nobles to get some coffee and dessert and read some books - one of our favorite things to do together. While enjoying each others company and yummy treats, I found some wonderful books to peruse.

Here is what I read ::

A Year of Mornings //
this book was a photography collaboration between 2 ladies, living 3191 miles apart. One in Portland, Oregon, the other in Portland, Maine. Every morning they each took a photo, and posted it to their blog, without knowing what the other had shot. They compiled this project into a book - and I loved it. Their photos encourage one to slow down, notice the beauty it everyday activities, and make some extra morning time. Their current project is 3191 miles apart.

Apartment Therapy's Big Books of Small, Cool Spaces //
this book was jammed full of wonderful and functional design in little living spaces. it was fun to look through and had really great ideas in it.

- photos from here

Amish Values for Your Family //
don't worry - we're not considering becoming Amish, but there were some fun and interesting stories to read in this book about living a totally different lifestyle. there is something that grabs my attention about foregoing worldly possessions and doing things the 'old way' - living very simply, focusing on family and God. I know that is possible with new conventions and inventions, but I do believe they often get in the way of things that should really matter.

So, what are you currently reading/looking at? 
I finished Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice earlier this summer and now I'm on to her Sense and Sensibility, and loving it.
P.S. I forgot to mention that last week I had an interview over at Kelly Hicks' blog - read it here!


  1. Love this post! thanks for sharing the great book ideas!

  2. a very nice place here, your blog. love your stories + pictures.
    my book at the moment? anais nins diaries.


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