We all have them, some we are too embarrassed to admit, some we feel are just at our finger tips, and some we are living. With being so close to the end of my college career I have thinking a lot about what will happen in the future, where I will end up working, what dreams will come true, and all that jazz.

Many friends have expressed this same feeling, but I am often torn between my artistic dreams and endeavors and what I am going to school for. I absolutely love social work and do not regret getting a degree in that at all, I also am loving interning in child welfare and working in adoption. A lot. But when I think about what makes me really excited and motivated to get going, it is usually my artistic ideas and dreams. Michael and I would love to own a bricks and mortar shop one day - we want it to be a coffee shop, used bookstore, vintage/re-purposed items, and local handmade. We would love to have a place for local musicians to come and play too. We would love for this to be a ministry based business, using it to host bible studies and connect with the community and people who may otherwise never be interested in a "church." THAT is exciting. Who knows if it will ever come to fruition, or if that is what God has in store, but we are excited about the possibilities.

I know that God can find a way to use all the skills and talents He gave Michael and I, I'm just not sure how it is all gonna work yet, or what to pursue first, what type of job to look for, to stay or to move, etc. BUT I do know that His plans are better for us than we could ever dream, and He has everything under control, which is so much better than us trying to control it.

If you haven't heard of pinterest - it is a gold mine for inspiration!
These photos shown can all be found on my Someday Shop Inspiration board. 

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  1. Great inspiration photos!<3

  2. Okay, when this happens, and when you need workers. Count me in. For real.


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