it was a hard day
so was the night before
but then we prayed and asked the One who was waiting
for His help
tears rolling off my cheeks
sticking to our skin
we held hands and pressed
our foreheads together
our hearts hurting and questions burning
fear expressed in our eyes with looks and our mouths with words
standing alone, together.

we bowed our heads in surrender
and turned to the One who heard us
and comforted us
to the One who is victorious
we laid bare our hearts
to each other and to our Lover.
he turned to us and heard our cry
he saw the depths of our hearts and told us
we were not alone.

and we knew, we were not.
he opened our eyes and broke through the evil lies
we knew, it would be okay, for we were with him.


  1. Danae, the glimpses you give us into the joys and the hard times in your journey through your writing are so beautiful! Thank you!

  2. this made me tear up because we've also had nights like this recently. you are able to convey your thoughts into words so easily and beautifully. love you nay—you're in my prayers!

  3. you're welcome - thanks for the encouragement - Jo, I understand and in the midst of the hard days, I feel our hearts growing more and more knitted together, I'm sure it is the same for you guys - praying.


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