mini diana photos - summer misc.

Here are some photos that I finally got developed and scanned in from my mini diana film camera. They are from lots of different events over the summer ... kinda a big film smorgasbord of sorts.

 dressed up for a wedding //
 family on our camping trip this month //
 my sister and I at the lake // playing games
 my mom and her wildflower bouquet my sister picked for her //
 Kari and Britta playing boggle // Park Rapid's downtown flowers
 my dad and Isaac // coffee
 Kari's new apartment //
friends at a summer wedding //
 double exposure // Michael at DQ
family enjoying the lake during a reunion in July //
 my grandma in a wheel barrow haha // cousins playing games
enjoying the last summer days //

I'm on a little dinner break and then I'm off to do a home study assessment with one of my supervisors. Being all grown up and busy is exciting, rewarding, challenging, frustrating, and the list goes on. 

Yesterday was the second week of small group that I am co-leading with my friend Hannah, she shared her testimony and it was amazing. I felt God's presence working on girls' hearts as she shared difficulites she has experienced and the victory God has had in her life. Afterwards we enjoyed some sweet prayer time and I know God is starting to heal and open up girls' hearts. I am so excited for how He is going to grow me this year and the rest of the girls' too. If you are a college aged lady and want to come, we meet on MSUM campus in Holmquist dorm 1st floor east lounge at 7pm on Tuesday nights.


  1. these photos are so fun. recently found your blog, love it! it's like a breath of fresh air :)

  2. these are so cute! I love the diana mini, so fun!

  3. thanks girls! welcome to my little blog Johanna - that is such a nice thing to say!

  4. These photos are just stunning, girl!!! Your Diana is in very good and talented hands!


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