Today, I am twenty-two.
I want to say so many things, of what I’ve learned, what I’ve regretted, and what I know for sure.
But most of all I want to convey how thankful I am to Jesus. The words sometimes just don’t come and I pray that you understand the unending joy and peace that comes from knowing him intimately – not just reading the words I write on the screen in front of you, but that you know if for YOU, in the depths of your heart.
I pray that the years you have lived here have not been spent wondering why you are here. If so, I pray you would know the answer to that today.
We are here for Him. I am here for Him. I am thankful that 22 years ago He decided it would please Him to allow me to enter this world.
I’m thankful that He saw fit for two people from South Dakota I call my mom and dad to fall in love in Seattle and start a family. I am thankful Jesus is their love, and the love of their family.
I am thankful that the times I have hurt others and most of all, hurt my Jesus, are forgiven. I am thankful that I am not who I was in high school, or last year.
I am thankful I am not who I will be.
I am thankful that I get to have so many more years of my life with a man I never thought could love a girl like me. I am thankful for a soul mate.
I am thankful for His grace in my weaknesses and patience in my struggle.
I am thankful that I am His, and He is mine. I am thankful that this will not end when my time here on earth does, but that it is eternal.
I am thankful.
p.s. woke up this morning to fresh flowers on the kitchen table, my husband making blueberry banana pancakes, a brand new apple soy candle, and a wax-sealed love note via our typewriter (yes, just like the movies) - and apparently it is not over, thanks Michael for making me feel so special!


  1. Everybody seems to celebrate anniversary today! I wish you all the best and may life offer you a lot of dreams come true!

  2. Happy birthday, dear Danae! May the Lord bless you in unimaginable ways in the year to come!

  3. happy birthday, beautiful lady. thanks for being a blessing to us readers

  4. happy birthday, danae! i'm thankful that God made us roommates and friends <3


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